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"Reflections is a splendid achievement, equally useful to both experienced Le Fanu scholars and comparative neophytes. Readers will come away from this collection not only feeling genuinely educated and provoked by the ideas within, but also motivated to read and revisit Le Fanu’s stories, classics and overlooked gems alike. "

-Adam Mills, Weird Fiction Review

"Reflections in a Glass Darkly [brings] together all the seminal moments in Le Fanu criticism . . . It is a volume bursting with good things, a cavern of wonders for anyone who revels in the strange, the mysterious and the weird."

-James Moriarty, Irish Journal of Gothic and Horror Studies #12 (Summer 2013)

"Reflections in a Glass Darkly persuasively reads many versions of Le Fanu's represented truths, even if those 'truths' rest on blank spaces, dark holes, epistemological fragmentation, absent narratives, and insoluble mysteries. One truth, nevertheless, seems certain: this critical collection will remain an indispensable resource for scholarly and casual readers alike of Le Fanu for decades to come."

-Mark M. Hennelly Jr., Le Fanu Studies

" 'Learned and accessible' is a good description . . . I can safely guarantee that you will come away from this well-balanced and varied book with greater insight into Le Fanu . . . "

-Rosemary Pardoe, Ghosts & Scholars #21 (April 2012)

"Aficionados of Le Fanu will appreciate the convenience of a compendium that brings together a number of contemporary reviews (particularly of lesser known novels), obituaries, early biographical sketches, and critical essays spanning well over a century . . . . Reflections is a highly welcome contribution to the body of scholarship on Sheridan Le Fanu, whose fiction remains largely untapped in studies of the Irish Gothic."

-Frances A. Chiu, Gothic Studies 15

"Reflections in a Glass Darkly is a thoroughly professional package that ranks consistently high in scholarship . . . . . This comprehensive volume fills a void in the study of J. Sheridan Le Fanu."

-Charles Gramlich, The Dark Man (December 2012)

"I think there’s something in Reflections in a Glass Darkly for just about anyone who’s interested in either ghostly fiction in general, or Le Fanu in particular . . . I’d be hard-pressed to imagine a more thorough or comprehensive book on the man and his contribution to the genre."

-Orrin Grey, Innsmouth Free Press

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