June 2007

When Acquainted With the Night was published in 2004, I thought it might make for a fun challenge to get it signed by all contributors involved. It was, after all, my first professional publication.

My contributor's copy arrived already signed by Barbara and Christopher Roden, the editors. I decided to start by sending the book off to the farthest reaches first, and so at the end of 2005 I shipped it to Australia where lives Rick Kennett. After Australia the book made its way to Japan where it was signed by Ed Crandall. I figured the easiest way to continue was a round-robin of the book's British contributors, and so early in 2006 the book was on its way: Ramsey Campbell, Paul Finch, Simon Bestwick, Gary McMahon (who signed the page of his own story), Peter Bell, Joel Lane, Steve Duffy, Steven Volk, Reggie Oliver (note the memento mori), Chico Kidd and Edward Pearce all added their signatures, for which I am grateful.

Europe-based contributors who have not yet signed the book include Christopher Harmon, Mark P. Henderson, John Whitbourn and Don Tumasonis--all of whom I would like to have scribble on its pages before I send it across the ocean to make its tour of America. If any of you should happen to read this, please drop me an e-mail!

The book has held up surprisingly well thanks to the careful packaging of all those who send it on. Even more astounding is that the post offices of the various countries have been kind enough so far not to misplace it (touch wood). In its travels the book has picked up a few extras. A note from Gary, a doodle from Reggie, and inserted inside the cover is a postcard from Chico that reads, "Welcome to the longest book-signing in history!" The postcard will remain a part of the book, greeting each successive signer.

I anticipate at least another year before the signing is complete! Photos and updates as available . . .

Rathmines, Dublin

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