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Edited by Barbara Roden & Christopher Roden

ISBN: 1-55310-075-1
(Hardback Limited Edition of 400); 384pp
ISBN: 1-55310-076-X
(Trade Paperback); 384pp

Published mid-December 2004

Acquainted with the Night, the third anthology of original supernatural fiction to be published by Ash-Tree Press, is a worthy successor to Midnight Never Comes and Shadows and Silence. It's also the larges of the three volumes--27 stories and 384 pages--and, in addition to our regular hardback limited edition, we've also produced a simultaneous trade paperback edition--so there's no reason why you can't buy a copy for a friend, too!

Acquainted with the Night won the International Horror Guild Award for Best Anthology 2005, and tied for the World Fantasy Award 2005 for Best Anthology; it was also nominated for a Stoker Award 2005 (Anthology).

Don Tumasonis's 'A Pace of Chage' won the International Horror Guild Award for Best Short Story 2005.

Barbara Roden's 'Northwest Passage' was nominated for a Stoker Award 2005 (Long Fiction), an International Horror Guild Award 2005 (Mid-length Fiction), and a World Fantasy Award 2005 (Short Fiction)


'Rope Trick' by Mark P. Henderson
'A Pace of Change' by Don Tumasonis
'Beneath the Sun' by Simon Bestwick
'The Old Tailor and the Gaunt Man' by Brian J. Showers
'Vado Mori' by Joseph A. Ezzo
'Breaking up' by Ramsey Campbell
'Northwest Passage' by Barbara Roden
'Out On a Limb' by Gary McMahon
'Jenny Gray's House' by Edward Pearce
'The Devil's Number' by Reggie Oliver
'Visits' by Melanie Tem
'Weird Furka' by Adam Golaski
'The Weeping Manse' by Jessica Amanda Salmonson
'Salvage' by Chico Kidd
'Beyond the River' by Joel Lane
'Only Sleeping' by Peter Bell
'You Should Have to Live with Yourself' by Cathy Sahu
'The Sunken Garden' by John Whitbourn
'Survivors' by Edward P. Crandall
'Inside William James' by Steve Rasnic Tem
'Someone Across the Way' by Steve Duffy
'The Cross Talk' by Rick Kennett
'The Belfries' by Paul Finch
'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by John Pelan
'Three Fingers, One Thumb' by Stephen Volk
'Safety Clowns' by Glen Hirshberg
'The Listener' by Christopher Harman

Cover art by Jason van Hollander

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